Roadside Assistance

Do you have Roadside Assistance coverage? Contact your agent today to find out.

Whether you’re driving across town or across the country, Germania’s Roadside Assistance Coverage protects you while you’re on the road.

This optional coverage is available to Germania Auto policyholders for a nominal premium. Call your agent today to have Roadside Assistance added to your Auto policy. Roadside Assistance includes travel and car care discounts, too.

By calling 1-855-548-3455 when you need emergency assistance, you can count on Germania to respond quickly with the best service available anywhere.

Policyholder Benefits:

This optional coverage provides you Roadside Assistance — and it covers all insured drivers on your Auto policy in any vehicle. Policy limits include up to five services per 12-month policy period.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Towing Service:
    We’ll tow your vehicle to the destination of your choice. The first 50 miles of towing distance are covered under your Roadside Assistance coverage. The policyholder pays for towing beyond the 50-mile limit.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Road Service:
    You’re covered for emergency road service throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Delivery:
    A service truck will bring gasoline, water, oil or other necessary supplies to get you back on the road. You’ll only pay for the cost of supplies.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Battery Service:
    We’ll jumpstart/boost your drained battery and perform minor adjustments to your vehicle’s alternator, starter, etc.
  • Lockout Service:
    Roadside Assistance includes locksmith services if you’re locked out of your vehicle.
  • Map Service:
    Lost? We’ll give you directions to your destination.
  • Theft and Hit & Run Protection:
    Through this coverage, we’ll offer a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for hit-and-run damages or stealing your vehicle.

Contact your agent today to add Roadside Assistance Coverage to your policy.

Roadside Assistance Claims Form and Reimbursement

If you already secured roadside emergency service and would like to request reimbursement through your Roadside Assistance coverage, please complete a Roadside Assistance Claim form. Submit the form and service invoice by mailing it to the address included on the form.

If you forgo Roadside Assistance and contact a service provider on your own instead, there’s a chance the Roadside Assistance reimbursement won’t cover the full cost of service. The maximum reimbursement if you choose an outside service is $50.

Germania Roadside Assistance FAQs

1.  Who provides the towing and roadside assistance for Germania’s RSA coverage?

Germania has contracted with Quest Towing Services to provide towing and roadside assistance to our policyholders.

2.  What types of vehicles are covered by Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance covers owned and non-owned private passenger autos, pickup trucks, SUVs and vans used by the insured or family members. Motor homes, RVs and trailers are not covered. Anyone driving the covered vehicle can call for service. This does not cover the policyholder in someone else’s vehicle.

3.  How is Roadside Assistance coverage added to a policy?

Roadside Assistance is an optional coverage that must be selected at the time a new application is written or added by endorsement to a current Personal Auto Policy. The coverage requires an additional premium charge.

4.  What does Roadside Assistance cover?

·    Towing for a disable vehicle
·    Minor on-site labor for mechanical or electrical breakdown
·    Battery failure
·    Insufficient supply of fuel, oil, water or other fluid
·    Flat tire
·    Lock out
·    Entrapment in snow, mud, water or sand
·    Map services
·    Theft
·    Travel discounts

5.  Will Germania automatically add Roadside Assistance coverage to all current Personal Auto Policies?

No. Your agent must add Roadside Assistance coverage to your current Personal Auto policies by endorsement. It can be added to your policy with existing Towing and Labor coverage.

6.  Is Roadside Assistance coverage added to each vehicle?

When you select Roadside Assistance coverage, it is automatically added to all covered vehicles on your policy.

7.  How do policyholders access Roadside Assistance?

Call 1-855-548-3455

8.  What is the Coverage Territory?

United States (including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada and Puerto Rico. There is no coverage in Mexico.

9.  Are there any limitations to the number of services an insured can make in a policy period?

There is a limit of five disablements per Auto policy period. There is also a limit of one service call per incident/breakdown. That would mean, for example, that you could ask Quest Towing to tow your disabled vehicle to your residence but you would not be able to request a second towing of that same vehicle to a repair shop.

10.  Is there a limit to the distance a disabled vehicle can be towed?

The maximum distance is 50 miles from the location where the vehicle became disabled. The policyholder may select a location to which the vehicle will be towed. If that distance exceeds 50 miles, the policyholder must pay the additional towing cost at the time of service.

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