Making a Texas Thanksgiving menu: Recipe ideas from the Lone Star State

November 6, 2020

This Thanksgiving, add a little Texas to your table with these Texas-inspired menu ideas!

A Thanksgiving table with turkey and other Thanksgiving menu items

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and this is certainly the year to make your Thanksgiving meal better than ever before. So what do you think of when you imagine the perfect meal? For many of us, turkey, stuffing, and a wide selection of sides are staples, but everyone's Thanksgiving dinner looks a little different. If you are in charge of putting together the spread this year and are looking for some inspiration to make it unique, consider putting a little Texas on your table with these Texas Thanksgiving menu ideas!

The main course: Turkey with a Texas twist

A fresh roasted turkey always takes center stage at the Thanksgiving table, but when you are creating a Texas-style Thanksgiving, you will want to give your turkey a southwestern twist. Instead of oven-roasting your bird, fire up the BBQ and add the sweet flavor of smoke to the dish. Salt and pepper are always a good start, but to really kick it up a notch, consider seasoning your turkey with savory spices and peppers, like this recipe for a poblano cilantro roasted turkey.

The top side dish: Southwest stuffing

Perhaps the most notorious Thanksgiving side dish is the stuffing. In fact, for some people, the stuffing is more important than the turkey itself! Fortunately, when you are creating a Texas Thanksgiving menu, you can offer a unique southwestern-style stuffing that everyone is sure to love. For example, rather than creating your stuffing from white bread, you can opt for a sweeter Texas-style cornbread stuffing. If you don't have a family cornbread stuffing recipe yet, give this one a try

Biscuits: The perfect complement

Every Thanksgiving table in the South is sure to have some fresh-from-the-oven biscuits. This simple recipe for honey buttermilk biscuits is an ideal option for your Thanksgiving menu, as it can be used as part of the dinner or with a sweet jam for dessert.

Texas side dish essentials

It seems the turkey is always the star of the show on Thanksgiving, but sometimes the side dishes really make the meal complete. These are a few Texas-style side dishes you can consider when creating your Texas Thanksgiving menu:

Green bean casserole with Texan flair

In the Midwest, green bean casserole has become synonymous with Thanksgiving. Rather than concocting the overused cream-of-something soup version, you can create a flavorful, crispy version for your Texas Thanksgiving meal. This recipe for "Texas pecan fresh green bean casserole" includes surprisingly ingredients, like serrano peppers and bacon. It's topped off with a crunchy concoction of pecans and French fried onions, making it a favorite among everyone at the table.

Jalapeno macaroni and cheese

Macaroni and cheese is the perfect comfort food to pair with the Thanksgiving meal. This jalapeno macaroni and cheese recipe will allow you to add a touch of Texas heat to this dish without sacrificing the creamy, cheese-filled goodness that this pasta dish is known for.

Cranberry and pecan tamales

Tamales are a Texas favorite and can often be found on many tables throughout the state. Wrapped up and stuffed with customary Thanksgiving fare, these cranberry and pecan tamales are the perfect way to add something sweet and savory to your Thanksgiving menu that everyone will surely love.

Sweet potato casserole bake

Mashed potatoes topped with gravy are fine enough on Thanksgiving, but nothing soothes the soul like a sweet potato casserole. The sweet potato mixture at the heart of this recipe is easy to create, making it a fast side dish to whip up on Thanksgiving Day. Everyone who is enjoying your Texas-style meal is sure to be delighted by this sweet, creamy casserole that boasts a satisfying crunch with its pecan and brown sugar topping.

The heart of the meal: Southern desserts

For many Texans, desserts are more than just a sweet after-dinner treat - they are important traditions. Grandmothers across the state have passed down recipes so that we can continue to add a little bit of love to the table for generations to come. That's why it only makes sense to include some of these tried-and-true desserts to complete the perfect Texas Thanksgiving meal.

Pecan pie

Pecan pie is a must-have for any Thanksgiving dessert spread, but you can step it up a notch by creating yours with cinnamon whiskey made from a southern distiller.

Sweet potato cheesecake

Update the tradition of sweet potato pie by offering a tangy sweet potato cheesecake to your guests. One of the best parts about this recipe is that you can make it in advance of Thanksgiving Day - just try not to eat it all beforehand!

Dulce de leche pumpkin pie

It seems that no Thanksgiving would be complete without pumpkin pie, but you don't have to stick with the same recipe that everyone else is using. Dulce de Leche pumpkin pie allows you to add a touch of the south to your pumpkin pie.

Traditions are an important part of Thanksgiving, whether it be the people you celebrate with or the recipes you bring to the table. But when it comes to creating a memorable menu, traditions are like dessert - there's always room for more. This Thanksgiving, consider making some room on your table for some of these Texas recipes and create new traditions to pass on for years to come.

A table filled with Thanksgiving Menu items

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