Insurance Career Month: How you can start a career in Texas' insurance industry

February 12, 2020

What sort of job comes to mind when you think about careers in the insurance industry? Maybe you picture someone selling policies or a claims adjuster in the field. These are great professions which are essential to any insurance company. However, they are part of a much larger team of diverse professions required to make the industry successful. In honor of Insurance Career Month this February, we'll take a look at the booming insurance industry and dive into the many career opportunities you may not have known about. 

A man shaking hands as he begins his new career in the insurance industry.

Career growth and demand in the insurance industry

The insurance industry is in an interesting place right now. At the moment, there are around 2.7 million workers in the industry. However, it's estimated that there will be 400,000 unfilled jobs as of this year. In part, this is because many of those who have made a career in it are getting ready to retire. This means there are about to be a lot of empty positions that need talented folks to fill them. 

Many college graduates aren't aware that there are employment paths beyond traditional insurance jobs that are suited to the degrees they're earning. That's why many insurance companies in the business are ramping up their efforts to educate future candidates about the diverse array of career options available in insurance. 

University programs and scholarships

In addition to the industry creating outreach programs and organizations to educate students, many universities in Texas offer degree programs specifically aimed at Insurance. The programs' names might vary here and there, but by and large they are called "Risk, Insurance, and Financial Services Programs." 

Every year, new universities join the ranks of schools that offer such programs. You might have heard of a few of these Texas schools:
Students can potentially put one of these insurance-focused degrees to work in one of the following insurance roles (just to name a few):
  • Insurance Broker
  • Claim adjuster
  • Risk analyst
  • Underwriter
In addition to programs offered by universities, some organizations offer scholarships for students interested in a career in the insurance industry. For example, the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) has awarded more than $100,000 since 2012

Types of insurance careers you might not know about

Aside from earning a degree specifically for a career in insurance, there are a variety of jobs that require very different backgrounds and skills. Regardless of what you have a degree in, you can very likely find a job in the insurance industry! 

Information/Business Technology (IT/BT)- Do you like computers, programming, or network engineering? Many insurance companies have in-house IT departments. Every year, businesses in the industry look for new innovations in technology to manage internal systems and new tools. This is essential to help the business run smoothly and provide a better customer experience. 

Human Resources (HR) - If you like working with people, every company needs a qualified Human Resources department to help manage employees. They put together company policies and systems, manage employee benefits, and help recruit talented individuals into the company. 

Training and Development - There is also a need for individuals that love to teach and train, which is essential to ensuring the growth and development of employees. As methods and practices in the business change and grow, having a dedicated team to relay that information is essential.

Marketing - Without a solid marketing strategy, even the best insurance products may not find their way to potential customers. That's why many insurance companies offer careers in their internal sales and marketing departments. Whether you enjoy graphic design, advertising, or video and content creation (like writing blogs), there's a career in the insurance industry for you. 

Sales - These are the folks that sell a company's insurance products to customers. Depending on how the insurance company is organized, their agency might work for an independent agency or work directly with the company. Either way, a talented salesperson is a valuable asset to the industry. 

Communications - Keeping clear and open communication channels is essential in any industry, and insurance is no exception! Communications departments write newsletters and other internal communications to keep the business working on the same page. They may also create publications to keep customers in-the-know regarding shifts in policies, rate changes, and general company updates. 

Actuarial - If you are or were the kind of student who enjoys their math homework, the insurance industry would love a word with you! Actuarial jobs are responsible for helping a business by evaluating and managing risk. While there are specific degrees in actuarial sciences, those with skills in statistics, mathematics, and finance may also find this to be a suitable career.

Accounting - As you can imagine, insurance companies constantly deal with a lot of money. Keeping the books in tip-top shape is essential to the growth and prosperity of a company. If you're interested in accounting, then you'll likely find a home insurance. 

Customer Service - Insurance can be complicated and confusing for a customer. That's why it's so important to have caring people on the phones! Customer Service representatives help foster the relationship between the company and the customers by  explaining policies and answering questions about products they might have. 

Careers with Germania and The Germania Internship Program

Germania is proud to be a part of the growth of the insurance industry in Texas and is committed to helping people find a career within it. That's why we've put together The Germania Internship Program!

This program provides exciting opportunities to help students find a path in the industry using their talents. Interns will gain valuable insight into the inner-workings of an insurance company and experience that sets them on the path to building a successful career. 

If you're interested in applying for The Germania Internship Program, visit our career page for more information! If you've already got that degree under your belt, or are otherwise interested learning more about how your career can grow with Germania, you can find a list of our current openings on the career page, too. 

Germania is proud to offer a variety career choices in the following departments:
  • Underwriting
  • Training and Development
  • Business Technology
  • Accounting
  • Claims
  • Credit Union
  • Document Services
  • Maintenance
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Customer Service
  • Sales, Marketing, and Communications
In addition, we're hitting the road to visit career fairs at schools across Texas. This gives us the opportunity to speak with students and educate them about the wide range of possibilities the industry has to offer. We hope to see you there!

by Geoff Ullrich

About the Author

Geoff Ullrich is a writer and Content Marketing Specialist at Germania Insurance.