6 Easy Tips to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

August 6, 2019

Texas summers can be brutally hot, and there is a whole set of problems that you will have to deal with if you are not prepared. Learn how to stay cool and protect your car from unnecessary damage caused by our hot summer environments.

Tips to Keep Cool this Summer

1. Use a sunshade or visor

Use a sunshade every time you park your vehicle to help block the direct rays from entering. Keep it even cooler by placing one in your rear window also.

2. Park in shady areas

If you’re parking your car for a few hours, walk a little farther to park in the shade. If you have limited shade available, park with the sun hitting the rear window instead of the front windshield to keep the front seats and steering wheel slightly cooler.

3. Keep windows slightly open

Even a small window opening will promote much-needed ventilation and help to keep your car cool while you are away. To avoid theft, be sure you can’t fit your arm through the crack in your window.

4. Use bottom vents

Most people will jump into their car and immediately blast the A/C to cool their bodies. But since hot air rises, the best way to use your vehicle’s A/C is to push the hot air out from the bottom.

5. Throw blankets over your seats

Scorching seats can put a huge damper on your day, especially when they have potential to even cause burns. If your vehicle does not have cloth seats, towels or blankets can be a great alternative to keep your seats cool.

6. Keep antifreeze in the vehicle

Your antifreeze, or engine coolant, keeps your engine from overheating. Check your coolant level each time you start your vehicle, and if it is lower than the full level mark, go ahead and top it off to be safe.

by Geoff Ullrich

About the Author

Geoff Ullrich is a writer and Content Marketing Specialist at Germania Insurance.