4th of July Party Firework Safety Tips

August 6, 2019

As we celebrate the 4th of July, fireworks stands have popped up outside city limits across Texas. But as we celebrate America’s independence with star-spangled spectacles this week, it’s important to remember how dangerous fireworks can be! Follow these fireworks safety tips and enjoy the festivities safely this year.


Adult Supervision Required

Fireworks can be a fun family activity, but children should never be left alone with them. If your kids want to set some off this year, join in the fun and show them how to safely enjoy the sparkles!

Find a Firework Safety Zone

Remember, what goes up must come down! Before setting off your fireworks, make sure that you are a safe distance away from buildings and out from under rooves and trees. Be mindful of where airborne fireworks might land and make sure you aren’t starting fires in patches of dry grass or foliage. Your neighbors will thank you.

Check Local Laws

There’s a reason you don’t see fireworks stands on the side of the streets downtown; it’s illegal to set them off within city limits. Before you strike the match, familiarize yourself with the laws your county and/or city has established.

Have Water on Standby

Whether it’s a hose or a really big bucket, it’s essential to have an adequate supply of water on hand. If something unexpectedly catches fire, you need to be ready to extinguish it. After lighting your fireworks, make sure to soak the spent pieces for several hours – even if they didn’t go “boom.” It is possible for duds to go off later, so you can’t be too careful!

Be Mindful of Others

Finally, be respectful of your neighbors and others around you. It can be easy to lose track of time when you’re having fun, but try to light your last firework at a reasonable hour. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when there are explosions going off outside your window. Also, be conscious of your pets and your neighbor’s pets. Many animals are frightened by loud noises and bright lights. If you have furry friends, ensure they are in a safe place before firing off your artillery. You may also want to speak to your neighbors so they have the opportunity to do the same.

Sometimes, it just isn’t practical to put on your own fireworks display while also being completely safety-conscious. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Fortunately, there are professionals that know how to put on a show!  The skies play host to thousands of dazzling fireworks displays all across Texas. Pack the car with some snacks and blankets and head out to the show nearest you!

No matter what you do this 4th of July, do it with safety in mind. Have a wonderful Independence Day!

by Geoff Ullrich

About the Author

Geoff Ullrich is a writer and Content Marketing Specialist at Germania Insurance.