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2021 winter storm assistance for Germania policyholders

by Germania Insurance | Feb 18, 2021

We hope everyone is staying safe after the recent winter storm. We understand that this is a frustrating and exhausting time for our policyholders. Our Germania claims team has compiled a list of frequently asked questions, tips, and resources to assist you during this difficult time.

Even during times of heavy volume, please do not delay in filing your claim.

4 ways to file a claim

  • Contact your agent. Our agency partners are working diligently to service our policyholders during this time; however, they may also be experiencing weather-related issues.
  • File a claim 24/7 online by visiting - quick, easy, and no waiting!
  • Download our free Germania Insurance app by searching “Germania Insurance” in the Apple App or Google Play stores.
  • Report claims over the phone by calling 877-437-6264.

*Due to heavy call volume, filing a claim online or through our Germania Insurance app is the quickest way at this time.

Please click here for winter storm recovery FAQs

Frozen or burst pipes

When water in pipes freezes, the water molecules expand, causing an immense amount of water pressure to build and can eventually rupture the pipe. When water thaws and is able to flow properly through the pipe, it will leak out of the section that burst.

If pipes break and water is leaking into your home:
1. Turn water off. If you suspect your pipes are freezing over or a pipe bursts in home, find your water meter box or the main shut-off valve and turn it to the “off” position.

2. Drain your faucets. Water removal takes some of the pressure off the pipes and ensures they’re dry so no more water leaks through. Flush toilets multiple times to drain the water out of those.

3. Contact a plumber. Do this as soon as you are able to keep the damage as minimal as possible. You never know when the plumber is able to come to your home, so call as soon as possible to keep the wait time down. The plumber diagnoses the cause, talks solutions, and fixes the problem.

4. Clear away any water quickly to avoid excess water damage. Some water damage is inevitable when a pipe bursts, but the sooner you clean the water, the less likely you experience irreparable damage to your possessions. Germania does not recommend any specific contractor. To get help finding a contractor to perform temporary repairs or mitigation services, contact one of the following providers:

• Contractor Connection: 800-525-7671 or their after-hours emergency service hotline: 888-751-0489
• SERVPRO: 1-800-SERVPRO (800-737-8776) or report a loss at
• Blackmon Mooring: 877-730-1948

If these services are not immediately available, keep water shut off and use any fans available to move air in the wet areas.

5. Take photos. Take pictures or videos of damages both prior to repairs and after any emergency repairs. If the home is not safe, please do not enter the home.

6. Save receipts. Save all your receipts for potential reimbursement of expenses. For example: if you stayed in a hotel, save the invoice and submit it to your adjuster for coverage review.

7. File a claim. File a claim with Germania using one of the four ways listed above. A customer service representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible to begin the claims process.

8. Gather initial information for your adjuster. A claims adjuster will be in contact with you to find out what type of damage you are experiencing (i.e., flooring, power outages, personal property, food spoilage, etc.)

Ice damming on roof

Ice dams form when snow melts, runs down the roof, and refreezes near the edge. This occurs when part of the roof warms to above 32°F – warm enough to melt the snow, while the roof edge remains below freezing (often a result of a warm attic). When the melted water runs down the roof, it hits the cold edge not warmed up by the attic and freezes, creating a rim of ice. The water backs up behind the ice dam, finds cracks and openings in the exterior roof covering, and flows inside the home below.

As ice melts on your roof:
• DO NOT attempt to break up the ice on the roof in any way. Trying to chip off the ice can break or puncture the shingles underneath.
• Check the attic for water entry point and try to catch it before damaging the ceiling below.
• Catch leaks inside the home in buckets to mitigate further damages to floors, furniture, etc.
• Take photos or videos of damages prior to any repairs.
• You can receive a quote from a contractor to determine if the damage will be over your deductible, but do not delay in filing claim.

Please click here for winter storm recovery FAQs