Dress Code

Germania’s dress code is casual Monday–Friday.

Working Hours

We normally observe a 40-hour work week, Monday–Friday.

Smoke and Tobacco-Free Environment

Smoking and tobacco are prohibited inside Germania offices. Team members may smoke or use other tobacco products outside the building.

Career Development Opportunities

  • Job Postings — Germania team members who have prepared themselves for additional responsibilities are able to apply for available positions within in the company to advance their careers.
  • Designations — Germania encourages its team members to work toward designations related to their positions and rewards them when a designation has been obtained.

Special Events

Germania has special events throughout the year. They include a company picnic and a holiday party.

Service Awards

Germania provides a service award to team members who have completed five years of service and then at intervals of each five years thereafter. We recognize the team members with a luncheon in their honor along with an award.

Online Company Store

Germania’s online store offers team members the opportunity to purchase Germania logo merchandise.