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Dispelling common myths and misconceptions:

Setting the record straight for Life Insurance Awareness Month

The rise in catalytic converter theft and what it can mean for you.

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Krista G Testimonial

Germania did everything under the sun to help us, and we greatly appreciate all their help!

Krista G.

Testimonial from Douglas

Thanks Germania for making it so easy. You took a lot of stress off of me during this time!

Douglas H.


Thank you for superb, explicit, detailed policies and service. I am very pleased with your Company and very glad I am one of your clients.

Martha S.


Germania the company Texans trust, I know y’all are doing a great job, always have and always will.

Julian M.


I can’t say enough about [their] customer service and willingness to work with the customer. AAA Company.

John A.

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A woman having a life insurance medical evaluation

Applying for life insurance: Life insurance medical exam

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