Plan Now to Keep Your Family Safe from Storms

Hurricane season started on June 1, and it only takes one storm to change your family’s life. If you’re not ready, you still have time to prepare. Weather experts predict an active Atlantic hurricane season of about 14 named storms this year, and any one of those could affect Texas and other Gulf Coast states.

When planning to keep your family safe during a hurricane, consider taking the following precautions:

  • Build a hurricane supplies kit.
  • Identifying the best evacuation route.
  • Taking inventory of your personal belongs using Germania’s Home Inventory Checklist brochure. Keep the brochure in a safe location.
  • Packing medicines and key medical information.
  • Bringing food and medication for your pets.
  • Create a Family Emergency Contact Plan. If you must evacuate your home, know how best to reach family members.
  • Purchase a cell phone power bank and keep it fully charged.
  • Program phone numbers into your cell phone, including emergency contact numbers.

By taking these precautions, you and your family will be better prepared if a storm hits. And, when you use Germania’s Home Inventory Checklist brochure, you could speed up the claims process. The checklist is a simple tool you may never need, and an invaluable one when catastrophe does strike. Remember, it only takes one storm to do tremendous damage to your land, your home, your belongings and your vehicles.

Governor's Division of Emergency Management

Articles used with permission from the Governor's Division of Emergency Management Office.

Pre-Season Checkup

Properly preparing for hurricane season begins well before one is even spotted in the Gulf. Performing an inventory of your property and possessions is recommended, and is a good idea any time of the year. Germania's Home Inventory Checklist can help you create a record of your valuables.

Watch? Warning? What's the difference?

A Hurricane Watch means a hurricane has become a threat to coastal areas. Residents and businesses in those areas should monitor the situation and be prepared to take precautionary action promptly if a hurricane warning is issued.

A Hurricane Warning indicates that hurricane force winds, dangerously high water, and rough seas are expected in a specific coastal area within 24 hours and precautionary actions should begin immediately.

If a hurricane warning is issued...

  • Protect windows with plywood or storm shutters.
  • Turn your refrigerator to its coldest setting and keep closed.
  • Put vehicles in a garage or other shelter. Make sure that your boats, trailers and farm equipment are secure.
  • Move lawn furniture and lawn equipment indoors or under cover.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers handy including the phone number to your Germania agent.

After the Storm

Check your property for damage. Contact your Germania agent to promptly report damage. Follow immediately with a written claim to protect your rights under Texas´ prompt-payment law.

Make reasonable and necessary repairs to protect your home and property from further damage. Cover broken windows and holes to keep rain out. Do not make permanent repairs before a claims adjuster inspects the damage. Keep a record of your repair expenses and save all receipts. Photograph the damage. Try to be present when the adjuster inspects your damage.

Did you know...

  • Hurricane season lasts from June 1 through November 30.
  • August and September are the peak months of the hurricane season.
  • Hurricanes can last more than two weeks over open waters.
  • Most hurricane-spawned tornadoes occur within 150 miles of the coastline.
  • The Gulf of Mexico hurricanes produce more tornadoes than Atlantic storms.
  • A hurricane’s eye can be 20 to 30 miles in diameter.

* Sources: Federal Emergency Management Agency & National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration