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Farm Mutual insurance began as a group of neighbors, joining together to 'bear one another's burdens' in the event of damage or loss to their property. This concept of an insurance company owned by its members or policyholders whom it serves was carried forward into legislation specifically and exclusively designed for Farm Mutuals. This legislation favors Texas membership owned mutual insurance companies over stock insurance companies in many respects. In recent years, the Farm Mutual concept has been threatened through proposed legislation which would adversely affect Farm Mutuals.

Germania Farm Mutual Insurance Association has existed since 1896, exclusively serving Texas property owners. As a Germania Farm Mutual policyholder, you are a member and owner of Germania Farm Mutual Insurance Association. Control of Germania Farm Mutual Insurance Association is vested in you, its member, and is exercised by you through your vote in electing your District director and in confirming Cabinet officers.

To assist in preserving the advantages currently provided membership owned Farm Mutual insurance companies under the law, a Germania Farm Mutual Political Action Committee has been formed. In general, corporations such as Germania are prohibited from making political contributions or other political expenditures. The Germania Political Action Committee was formed to provide financial support to Texas legislators and candidates for legislative offices who are committed to maintaining those advantages provided membership owned Farm Mutual insurance companies.

You can help show your support through your voluntary contribution (check or cash) to the Germania Farm Mutual PAC. With your contribution, you must provide your full name and address, and your principal occupation or job title. Only contributions from individuals will be accepted. CHECK DRAWN ON CORPORATE OR BUSINESS ACCOUNTS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.

For more information about the GFM PAC activities please click on the annual report link below.

Political contributions may be forwarded to the following address:
Germania Farm Mutual PAC
ATTN: Trey Hardy, Campaign Treasurer
P.O. Box 645
Brenham, TX 77834

The 81st Texas Legislative Session

Germania Farm Mutual Political Action Committee - 12/03/2008

The 80th Texas Legislative Session


2007 Annual Report to Contributors




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