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If you have ever heard about a tragic lawsuit and thought it would never happen to you, think again. Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society and if you are sued for an accident or injury to others beyond your liability coverage limits you will be financially obligated for that loss. You’ve worked hard for what you have – don’t let it all be taken away. In the event of a lawsuit, your current coverage may not be enough. Protect yourself and your future assets by having an Umbrella policy

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is an extra layer of liability insurance protection that supplements your farm and personal liability insurance. It provides additional coverage for losses beyond the limits your personal, liability, auto, boat and recreational vehicle policy would provide. An Umbrella policy provides you coverage for the ‘bigger picture’ should something catastrophic happen.

Who should have an Umbrella policy?

Everyone should have an Umbrella policy. We encourage property owners with greater risk exposures to consider obtaining an Umbrella policy. If you are at greater risk and have more assets to protect, then you need to consider an Umbrella Policy.

Why do I need it?

What if someone was injured at your home, or you were in an auto accident–if you are sued, the Umbrella would go beyond the amount covered by your other policies to pay for damages up to the Umbrella policy limits. It provides protection in many other situations that the underlying policies donít cover.

How do I get an Umbrella Policy?

If you already have primary liability insurance and would like an Umbrella policy to cover you above your current liability limits, contact your Germania agent.

Protect yourself and your current and future assets by considering an Umbrella policy.

To learn more about an Umbrella policy contact your Germania agent today.

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