Policy Form: PARWL-12-13



  • Whole Life (permanent) insurance protection. Guaranteed level death benefit to age 121
  • Guaranteed premiums payable to age 121
  • Guaranteed cash value to age 121
  • Participating (dividends not guaranteed)

ISSUE AGES – 0 to 80 (smoker ages 18–80)

ISSUE SIZE – Minimum: $10,000      Maximum: Inquire


  • Guaranteed level premium payable to age 121
  • Premiums vary by issue age, gender, and premium band
  • Rate Classes: Standard non-smoker and standard smoker
  • Special Class additional premium offered when appropriate for the risk

PAYMENT MODES – Annual, Semi–annual, Quarterly, Monthly (PAC)

DIVIDEND PAYMENT OPTIONS – Dividends are not guaranteed. When paid policyholder may use to purchase Paid–Up Additions (PUAs), receive in Cash, Reduce Premium, Accumulate with Interest

OPTIONAL RIDERS AVAILABLE – Waiver of Premium, Accidental Death Benefit, Single Premium (Paid–Up Additions) Life Rider, Decreasing Term Rider (Self & Spouse 15/20/25/30 Year), Level Term Rider (Self & Spouse 10/20/30 Year), Guaranteed Insurability Option, Child Rider

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